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Venue Eunmyung Auditorium, 6th floor, Main building, Severance Hospital

신촌세브란스병원 6층 은명대강당

Address 50-1, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel +82-2-2228-5132
Website http://www.yuhs.or.kr/en/hospitals/severance/Sev_Intro/Gnr_info/

The venue, Eunmyung auditorium is an easy-to-find place which is located at 6th floor of the main building of Severance Hospital. If there is any inconvenience while reaching the venue, you may find the information center at 3rd floor of the main building. An English speaking staff will kindly explain the route to the auditorium.

And, don’t forget!!

There are two Severance Hospitals, Shinchon and Gangnam, in Seoul, Korea. Our venue is located in Sinchon. If there is any confusion with drivers or guides, you may clarify to them as ‘Sinchon Severance Hospital’.